Hello, my name is Martyna, and I am a Personal Branding Photographer
for Untamed Women Coaches & Healers

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So, what's it all about?


Hello, fancy seeing you here! I know that you’ve got a new or flourishing business that you have poured your heart and soul into. All you now need is headshots and brand photos that will tell your story to your ideal client in a powerful way. But where do you begin when you have not had your photos taken before or are in need of a rebrand?


I am on a mission to connect with passionate women and non-binary business owners, and simplify the process of personal branding photography for them, while making them feel at ease when photographed, so that their authenticity shines through the images that we create. More realness = more connection = more clients.


I combine 15+ years of experience working in customer facing roles and the creative industries and my relentlessly curious mind, my passion for lifting others up, and 8 years in the visual storyteller’s hat, serving businesses from corporate to small. I’ve got the toolbox that will help me get to know you and your business well enough so that our session together becomes a creative and fruitful hang with a friend.

Photographing people as a career found me at my lowest. It literally pulled me out of a black hole of a major depression. I know how daunting following your true calling is, and how empowering it is to finally nail it and turn it into a business. I want to help you show the world the passion that your soul burns with.

I am no stranger to coaching and spiritual healing practices,

and have found both modalities life-transformative. 


Who am I NOT for?

Business owners, who don’t believe in organic growth, and are more concerned with vanity metrics than real connections

- people who take themselves too seriously and cringe at the sole phrase “let’s let loose in the woods”


I am not for you if you don't see a shoot working without a stylist and a make-up artist on board - I am all about authenticity, and I ensure that my eye is vigilant for any details that may need tweaking looks-wise. After all, I know what looks good on camera.


I am not for women who want a copy and paste photoshoot of something they saw somewhere else - my shoots are personalised to the max, and just as unique as you are!


Some fun facts about me: 

  • I love interior decorating - my style falls somewhere between boho and Frida Kahlo's pattern infusion

  • I am obsessed with Dachshunds (and dogs in general)

  • I don't remember any jokes or song lyrics

  • I am a highly sensitive and intuitive empath and an ambivert, my element is fire (Aries)

  • I've worked at many music gigs, either pouring beer or running the sets, from the likes of Alice Cooper to Beyoncé

  • Kerala in India is my favourite place in the world

  • I spent some time in my teens travelling around the French region of Loire, drawing their medieval castles

  • I am a plant-based teetotaler (ask me about it!)

  • I run a Bookclub for women called SheReads 

  • I have endometriosis and feel passionate about menstrual health awareness& advocacy

  • I write letters, on actual letter sets (shocking, I know!). I collage the envelopes too & got my mum into it last year - the woman is now on fire, with her 20 penpals!

  • I am a part of a drawing gals gang called Sketchy Bitches


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