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Do you always feel awkward in front of the camera?

Do you lack images that show you at your most authentic self?

Are you craving to attract the right clients by showing them who you truly are?

This is where I come in - I create soulful & out of the box bespoke personal brand photographs for women who aren't afraid to express their true selves to attract like-minded clients.

Your session is designed to provide you with a variety of images to showcase you and your wonderful brand online. Yet Personal Branding Photography is about much more than posed portraits of you looking head on into the camera, these photographs are also about the feeling and the desire they evoke in your dream client. And to get those sparkles going, you need photography with SOUL and ZAZZ.

For one, my work comes from the soul - I live and breathe photography, even when I am not shooting, and I see the world in great composition and interesting backdrops.

✨ What I see when I look at you through my lens is FIERCENESS personified, it's HEART that you carry on your sleeve and in your business, the SOUL you pour into your client work. I recognise that in YOU and transfer it to my photographs.

✨ I EMPOWER you to show up for yourself, express your true, untamed self and in turn - we get to create this bloody powerful imagery TOGETHER, imagery that will speak to the people that you wish to attract into your tribe.

✨ The entire process is an exchange of energy and creativity, and what is better for the soul if not a sense of belonging and connection --- being heard and seen for who you truly are?

We rise TOGETHER. I do it for the women. Fierce Entrepreneurs. Empowered Goddesses. This is whom I want my work to be all about.


 My mission is encourage you to boldly take up space, and my goal is to make you feel SO AT EASE in front of my lens, that you will forget that it's even there. No awkward posing with me!

We will do some facial exercises instead, spin around, have a dance, and maybe pet some dogs (or a friendly pigeon). And there is definitely a cuppa or a snack involved. Imagine just meeting with your friend for the afternoon, and doing random things in cute places together. It will be FUN! You will come out of the other side of your shoot feeling like the brave and bold boss woman that you are.  

Based on your business and the message you are aiming to convey, I will be there to advise you on location, outfits, props, and the mood of the shoot, and we will finalise the vision together. My keen eye for detail will come in handy when spotting objects, textures and colours around us that will enhance your brand story.


I work with women who are not afraid of the opinions of others, take the paths less often travelled, and are vocal about their desires, and the mark they want to leave on the world.

Is that you?

My packages start at £250. Please contact me for more information.